All Tree Donations Used Exclusively for The Designated Charitable Purpose

100% of the donated funds are used to provide Christmas trees to deserving, less fortunate and disadvantaged families through Ada S. McKinley Community Services” and other third party, independently selected charities.

No other use of these funds is allowed and no participating organization or volunteer receives any compensation or reimbursement from these donations. The Committee receives separate underwriting and in-kind donations to provide festivities for the surrounding events it sponsors.

Contribution Recognition

PARTNER $5,000Trees
Organization’s logo used in our program
Listed as an Official Partner in our program

SPONSOR $1,000
Listed as an Official Sponsor in our program

Listed as an Official Donor in our program / VIP reception invitation

Listed as Contributor on our website

Other Gift
Listed as Other Gift on our website

You can make a convenient donation using the PayPal link (above) or by Mail.